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Permanent Make-Up

Wake up ready. No better way to do that than with permanent make-up by Miranda or Anna. Consultation required for first time clients. Come and see if this service is for you! No more eyeliner and brow application every morning. Wake-up already make-upped. 

Permanent Make up, microblading


This technique is a more natural look for the brows. More defined lines are applied as to give the appearance of individual hairs. 



This technique provides more of a make-up look. with shading and blending, powder brows can give you the look you may struggle to achieve during daily routines. 



This technique is a hybrid of both microblading and powder brows. Giving a look of individual hairs as well as darkness and more fullness to the brow. 


Lash Enhancement

A simple thin line applied to the upper lid giving the eye a dark lash line.


Thick Upper

A bolder eyeliner look to the upper lid .


Top and Bottom/ Winged liner

The ultimate make-up look you can wake up to. Having the tops and bottoms of the  eyelids done or the glamours look of the classic winged liner. 

All Permanent make-up services should receive 8-12 week touch ups.

Prices of touchups based on how long since initial service. Book your touch up accordingly with Miranda.

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