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Jamie, owner of Enlightened Hands Massage, offers a variety of services at Diamond Beauty and Boutique. Few of the most popular options are cupping and CBD massage. 

Enlightened hands massage Relaxation and curing all your pain.


One Hour Massage                            $70

Improve your circulation during the cold temperatures with a relaxing massage. 

Aromatherapy 1 Hour                         $80

Aromatherapy can improve sleep quality and manage pain. Help treat migraines or headaches this season with an hour of Jamie's professional aromatherapy treatments.

Cupping 1 Hour                                 $80

Increase your blood circulation to the max with cupping. Not only does cupping improve overall blood flow, it also promotes cell repair. Treat yourself this season to new the technology of cupping.

Hour and a Half                               $105

Reduce stress during the holidays and treat yourself or your loved ones with muscle tension released during an hour and a half massage with Jamie.

Aromatherapy Hour and a Half           $120

Soothe sore joints that are aching during the cold and reduce anxiety with a longer session of aromatherapy. Jamie can get you feeling great for the holidays.

Cupping 1 Hour and a Half                $120

By drawing impurities to the surface, cupping can remove toxins. Get the ultimate treatment at DB&B or give the gift of chronic back pain relief this holiday season.

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