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Brow Services

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Brow Lamination

Get fuller looking brows for up to 6-12 weeks with a brow lamination. Not only does this service perm the hairs into a desired shape, it also straightens unruly hairs and allows them to have more flexibility to move them to cover any gaps or stray areas.

Brow Tint/Henna

This service is best for those who have lighter brow hairs and would like to cut their morning routine short by having them darkened. Henna can color the skin giving a make-up look and can also color the hairs for up to a month at a time. Keep your morning routine easy with already shaped and colored brows. No need to fill them in daily with a brow pencil.

Makeup artist working
Eyebrow Wax

Brow Wax & Shaping

The fastest way to remove unwanted growth and give the brows a fresh and clean edge is a wax. Soft or hard wax, our team at DB&B can wax your brows to your preference. 

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