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Lash Extensions

Get lashed by Anna or Kira

Decorative Shape

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are the use of only fans on every lash. All our fans are pomade and the highest quality. They are light a fluffy and keep their curl even during summer temperatures. Give your eyes the ultimate glam with a volume set. No more strip lashes taking up your morning routine or lifting during the day. Go to sleep in lashes and wake up ready. Your life will never be the same! Aftercare and daily washing is essential to these sets.

Decorative Shape

Hybrid Lashes

A mixture of thicker diameter lashes and volume fans, this set gives you a textured look more subtle than volume but more bold than classics. A perfect "go between" of the styles. Say goodbye to mascara and eyeliner with a set of hybrid lashes. This set not only gives you length and dark lashes, but also the appearance of eyeliner. Aftercare and daily washing are essential to these lashes.

Decorative Shape

Classic Lashes

Mascara never giving you enough length and darkness? Try a classic set of lashes. Wake up and go without worrying about mascara. No more mascara flakes in your eyes or having to wash off eye make-up daily. Classic lashes are perfect for a natural look without actually wearing make-up. You can swim, shower, and live life without mascara smudges or running down your face. Aftercare and daily washing is essential to these sets.


Mega Volume

Decorative Shape

This style of lash is recommended only for those with long and strong lashes. The fullest possible look, these fluffy fans give optimal coverage. Normally for these sets we do our longest lengths at 16mm. Aftercare and daily lash baths are essential for these sets as they collect debris on the lash line.


Lash Care

Aftercare is essential for lash extensions. With full sets, Diamond Beauty and Boutique provides clients with a bottle of foaming lash bath solution and a soft brush to properly clean lashes daily. This gentle solution removes proteins such as oils, skin cells, dirt and sweat from the lash line. If lashes are not washed clustering may occur which can damage the natural lashes. Infections can be caused by dirty lashes. Daily washing is very important for the health of your eyes and lashes especially if make-up is worn. Avoid oily products around the eyes and wash eyes after exercise or major tearing. 

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