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Chemical Peels

We will soon be offering this service at DB&B. Here are some answers for questions we often hear.

Why chemical peels and what do they do?

-Treats acne

-Decongests pores

-Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

-Fades discoloration

-Smoothes skin texture

-Promotes cell turnover

-Removes dead skin

How do I prepare for a chemical peel?

-Avoid exfoliation for at least 1 week before appointment

-Avoid the sun

-Stay hydrated

-Refrain from wearing make-up

How do I care for my skin after a chemical peel?

-Use calming and hydrating products. No active ingredients like retinol.

-Avoid sun exposure and always wear SPF

-Do not exfoliate

-Avoid strenuous workouts, dry saunas and steam rooms

-Avoid touching your face, if your faces peels do not pull on the flaking skin.

-Use cool water on face

-Do not wear make-up for at least 7 days

-Stay hydrated. Drink 8 cups of water within 8 hours of peel.

How often should I get a chemical peel?

-Depending on your skin and what peel is used, you can either start with a low grade, superficial peel every 2-5 weeks and could work up to a medium peel every 3-9 months.

Do chemical peels hurt?

-Chemical peels can present some discomfort. Tingling and slight burning sensations are normal. Cooling compresses ease the sensation. It is important to prepare skin properly and use post care products recommended by your esthetician. Some chemical peels are timed, and some are layered. Your esthetician will see how your skin handles the peel and determine how many layers or length of time to have peel on the skin.

Can I get a peel if I am pregnant?

-No. We don't recommend any peels while pregnant.